Opportunity to Win Ticket

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Opportunity to Win Ticket

from 10.00

The 36th Annual Christmas Roundup Opportunity to Win ticket features "Outdoor Playhouse Fun!" 

$10 - 1 Ticket

$50 - 6 Tickets

Custom built playhouses were fun abounds and singing and laughter are constant sounds. Firehouse or Fairtytale Cottage, both unique in style, designed to make your little ones smile. 

Playhouses donated by:

Seale-Amerson Lumber *In memory of Peggy Amerson, C.L. Amerson, and Fred Amerson

Playhouse Mansions, By: Nick Burney

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Once purchase is complete, your ticket will be filled out automatically and entered in the drawing. 

*Need not be present to win. Income Tax applies. Proceeds benefit the Educational Programs of the Amarillo Museum of Art.